Rusty Diamonds

The book “RUSTY DIAMONDS” documents Uwe Ehinger’s archeological motorcycle finds from 1979 to 1989. It is a collection of almost lost motorcycle knowledge and a unique, extremely personal documentation of a true motorcycle enthusiast.

Rusty Diamonds – A Kraftrad Journey by Uwe Ehinger

When Uwe Ehinger set off on his travels in 1979 at the age of 19, he didn’t bring along much more than an idea and a year’s worth of arduously acquired knowledge about antique racing and sports motorcycles. He travelled from North to South America and from Europe to Asia as an independent dealer of rare motorcycles until 1993. During this time, he hunted down brands like Brough Superior, Norton, Vincent, Indian, Harley Davidson, BMW, etc. He searched for them, dug them out, discovered them, bargained for them, and then sold most of them again.

The book “RUSTY DIAMONDS” begins with a very personal interview in which Uwe Ehinger describes how it all began, why he became a motorcycle agent and what life was like in South America back in those days.

Through over 250 practically unedited photographs of Uwe Ehinger’s countless trips accomplished by touching stories as well as explanatory texts the reader can start his/her own quest. Each photo was a work tool that Ehinger sent to potential buyers by post. Captured on analog film with various cameras, the photos were developed in supermarkets or small photo shops around the world during his travels and document a bygone era – without cash machines, Internet, e-mail or online stores.